Luxury chocolate from Ecuador – 1kg



Probably the best luxury chocolate in the world from Ecuador

Feel with
Nose – Fruits, caramel, citrus
Tongue – Bitter cocoa with some sugarcane sweet and a bit of vanilla
In end – Matured wood with some sweet and caramel

This is luxury chocolate from Ecuador

We just recommend to taste it with some good cognac of your choice. But we would take some of the Martell Cordon Bleu Extra to pair two kinds of the luxury world – one of the best cognacs Its intense candied fruit and spices and one of the best chocolate in the world! Feel free to experiment! Add some quality hard salami like Battistoni Classic Italian Hard Salami and connect all three different kind of taste.

Box of the chocolate is made of rare wood from Ecuador jungle! And fermentation of cocoa beans are made in the same wood so you get only best possible product! And if you are in the luxury kind then there is not so much of choices in world of cocoa and chocolate.

This one product is unique and each box is made in one piece at time and there is no other like. So if you get your box for present or just to take a part of this chocolate world – this will be your unique box with unique luxury chocolate inside of it!

Our mission is not to make false claims about that this is Probably the best luxury chocolate in the world from Ecuador! We need you to judge. Decide and write your opinion to us, so we could stay best and become even better and maybe bitter! So don’t just believe in our words. Try it and make your steps in the world of Probably the best luxury chocolate in the world from Ecuador!

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